Sunshine Kebabs in Brief

Sunshine Kebabs is a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) kebab retail chain that exercises a complete classic and healthy approach towards traditional kebabs and Mediterranean cuisine. The year 1988 marked its establishment in Bundaberg (Australia). A decade of successful growth and exquisite experience propelled to strengthen the presence across the globe.

  In the years 2005, Sunshine Kebabs started franchising store in Queensland and Victoria. This is a rapidly growing chain with 41 stores in Australia. With a strong franchise system in place, it aims to have 100 stores throughout Australia. New franchise opportunities are at pace in Korea, London, China, Malaysia, Turkey, and India. Sunshine Kebabs India Pvt. Ltd. is the Indian Master Franchise. By the end of 2012, it was successful to operate 25 first franchised stores. Now, to widen its presence and increase the accessibility, it has come up with Franchise Business Opportunities, popularly known as Small Business Franchise. This allows for small business opportunities in India.
Why Sunshine Kebabs?

Sunshine Kebabs always aims at healthy and quality food service. Our kebabs are exclusively made form the highest quality ingredients and pure chicken. The vegetables used in Sunshine Kebabs vegetarian menu are generally fresh from the farm. Moreover, the bread involved in certain menu is of a special kind. We understand our customers very well. Therefore, we also offer low-fat options, kebab platters and salads for our carb-conscious customers.
The Cutting Edge

Kebabs are a quick and healthy alternative to a sandwich or a burger. The striking and acceptable feature of our menu is its authentic Mediterranean taste. Customization of your kebab as per your taste and mood is what we offer you. Therefore, you can wrap or spice up your kebab the way you desire.

Sunshine Kebabs leaves you with an unforgettable taste of Mediterranean Cuisine!